Guayas Province Ecuador: 1 – 8 cases a day reported of missing persons

Posted on January 31, 2017 • Filed under: Crime, Ecuador, Social Issues

Most cases of missing individuals are adolescents – reported…Margarita, André, Josué, Juana, Genesis are names of people who were reported missing last week at the Flagrant Unit of the Guayas Public Prosecutor’s Office in the Albán Borja Mall, located in northern Guayaquil. There are four prosecutors in the Administrative Actions Unit, which is the section of the Public Ministry that investigates these cases.

In these four dispatches, between one and eight complaints are dealt with daily, according to justice officials at the head of these investigations.

Reinaldo Cevallos, of the Fifth Public Prosecutor’s Office of Administrative Actions, indicates that most reports of missing persons correspond to young people (minors) “who go with lovers”.

He explains that in this type of situation the National Police Specialized Direction for Children and Adolescents (Dinapen) is requested to locate the adolescents to be returned to their parents.

In some cases, the Dinapen has located teenagers who said they fled their homes to get low grades on their campuses.

Laura Chacón, fourth prosecutor of the same unit, reports that there are cases of adolescents who leave their homes because of “intrafamilial problems” or “drug abuse”.

The prosecutors consulted argue that the investigations do not rule out any factor that would have resulted in the disappearance, such as trafficking in persons or another type of crime, such as happened last week with a law student at the University Catholic of Santiago de Guayaquil.

The 19-year-old appeared on Thursday 26 in the suburb a day after the disappearance alert, with symptoms of having been attacked with scopolamine, after boarding a taxi on Malecón Simón Bolívar and Francisco de P. Ycaza, according to the research.

The victim’s mother started a campaign on social networks. “Do not wait too long to notify the police. I thought the worst. The more hours you spend, the less likely you are to be alive. I thought he was dead, “she says shocked.


She believes that “messages of help through social networks”, “prayers” and police work helped to find her son, whom antisocials took away their belongings.

The prosecutor Cevallos recommends to the citizens to present the denunciation immediately, because the chances of finding the relative alive are greater if he is at risk.

Prosecutors explain that investigations of unresolved disappearances remain open in files and that there is a database of DNA and fingerprints to identify missing persons who have died. Read Article

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