Guayaquil, Ecuador: Weak Enforcement of Citing Vehicles without plates (opinion)

Posted on February 22, 2017 • Filed under: Crime, Ecuador, Ecuador Emergency (opinion) (machine translated)

Vehicles without license plates public safety risk

It is easy to see them in the exclusive lanes of the Metrovía or on fast roads such as the Narcisa de Jesús Highway or the Perimetral road, places where radars are installed to check that the provisions are met Legal and that they manage to deceive with the absence of plates, which prevents their identification.

The rule indicates that vehicles can not leave the dealerships without the corresponding plates, so there is no excuse. The explanation is undoubtedly that those who drive them take the plates, and it is not risky to suppose that they do not to be identified if they break the law, putting at risk their lives and others.

The control must be permanent and the fines, applied without excuses, as the consequences of disrespect to the law can be very serious.


Citizens must demand that members of the Municipal Transit Authority do their duty, but we must comply with ours. Without such cooperation there will be no orderly traffic in the city and some tragedies could occur. Read Article

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