Ecuador: Dead Man Found Floating Down River Tied to a Toilet

Posted on March 25, 2017 • Filed under: Ecuador, Ecuador Emergency

A man was found dead in Portoviejo, tied to a toilet / Neptalí Palma (machine translated)
Portoviejo With a machete the cape was tied yesterday that tied the man’s body with a toilet.
A man’s body floated yesterday on the Portoviejo River. The find caught the attention of users, but even more surprised what was tied: a part of a toilet.

Sergio Macías, a police officer of the Motor Operative Group (GOM), said that at about 09:15 yesterday they received a notification that an inert body was visible at the height of the Puerto Real bridge in Portoviejo. After that, the police began the rescue work that could be completed on the bridge Velasco Ibarra, about 700 meters downstream from where the body was first seen.

The work of the corpse was carried out by Robinson Ibarra, an indigent who lives under the bridge Velasco Ibarra (located 300 meters from the land terminal of Portoviejo), which, according to him, was made difficult by the toilet he carried tied with a rope. Read Full Article

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