Guayaquil Ecuador: Guard at Gated Community detained, let burglars in

Posted on April 12, 2017 • Filed under: Ecuador, Ecuador Emergency (machine translated) A guard who worked on Saturday in this urbanization was arrested by the police. He did not check the car involved in the robbery. The gated community is located on the main road from Guayaquil to the coast.

Diversity of jewelry valued at more than $ 200,000, carved silver Hindu silver – whose cost would exceed $ 10,000 – and a box of whiskey were part of the antisocial objects that entered a house in the private resort Laguna Club, in The road to the coast, west of Guayaquil.

The criminals entered a car, accompanied by who was the driver of the family assaulted, the police said. He even left open the door of the house and with a signal called the three antisocial, who waited in the car. The latter burst in with a weapon, intercepted the owners and tied them to take the goods they had in the safe.

The family driver also tied him up, to simulate that he was another victim of the assault, said Captain Angel Guadalupe, head of the Crimes Against Property section of the Judicial Police (PJ).

The incident occurred at 11:00 am on Saturday and hours later the members of this band were arrested, believed to have participated in these home assaults.

In reviewing the security videos of the private urbanization, police officers saw that a gray Chevrolet Aveo vehicle, GRZ8355, entered through the access of visitors to the garita without being reviewed by the local guard, who omitted the established protocol. On leaving, it was not reviewed either.

The guard had told the police that he did not check the car because he was the driver of the family, who minutes later was assaulted, said Captain Guadalupe.

In security videos, the police appreciate in detail how the driver of the family goes down a few meters before the house, while the car is parked near the house, wait for the man’s signal.

After registering the assault, the Judicial Police also verified that the license plate that had the car of the delinquents was cloned. After the police investigations, four people were arrested, including the guard of the urbanization and the one who until then was the trusted driver of the family. The latter would have had many economic debts, police said.

To stop the other two antisocial, the uniformed mounted an operative in blocks five and six of Popular Bastion, in the northwest.

There Andres VC was stopped, who, according to the Police, would be the leader of the band and who would have planned the robbery. In block six, instead, a woman who came out of her house with a backpack, in which she carried part of the stolen jewelry, was intercepted. The rest of the jewelry was in the woman’s house. Read Article


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