Former CIA officer : “Ecuador’s coast is under attack from external parties”

Posted on July 21, 2015 • Filed under: Ecuador, Intelligence

Mr. Steele spoke at a national conference in Ecuador about Open Source Intelligence and made some recommendations to the intelligence community. The speech is titled: LA IMPORTANCIA DE LAS RELACIONES CIVICO – MILITARES EN EL PROCESO DE profesionalización DE LOS SERVICIOS DE INTELIGENCIA – The Importance of civic and military relations in the process of professionalizing intelligence services. The Speech was presented in 2014. / Robert David Steele

The Pacific Coast of Ecuador is both under attack from external parties trying to buy it and destroy it, and also a potential paradise.

This is where I would recommend Ecuador strive to achieve free clean energy and free clean water, as well as free Internet. Do not sell land to foreigners – buy back the land that has been sold to foreigners. We are ready for a new beginning.

I believe that Ecuador and Bolivia in particular, with Uruguay, Brazil, Cuba, and Mexico as well as Venezuela, have some potential for a “break-out” that frees Latin America from all external predators, be they financial, military, or ideological.

The time has come to restore indigenous prosperity and indigenous sovereignty. This is how I would do it. Thank you. Read Speech and Notes


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