Ecuador uses straitjackets to confine democratic argument (Opinion)

Posted on September 6, 2015 • Filed under: Ecuador, Politics Cohen wrote: Regimes from Belarus to Ecuador, from Venezuela to Turkey, know that, if they can frighten that someone, and deter others from thinking they should imitate that someone, the torrent will vanish like water down a sinkhole. ……. I am not attempting an ideological assault on Latin American socialism, although I will note in passing that Venezuela’s Chavista state is just as bad as Ecuador’s failing state. The conservative governments of Orbán’s Hungary, Putin’s Russia and Erdogan’s Turkey all have democratic elements, but they all use the same straitjackets as Ecuador to confine democratic argument…..Legal penalties for insulting, or as we might call it “criticising”, the rulers enforce self-censorship. Traditional and new media do not want to go against Ecuador’s bombastic president, Rafael Correa. Read Full Opinion Piece

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