Ecuador: Theft of Electric Cables causes collapse of El Oro province electrical power

Posted on August 31, 2012 • Filed under: Crime, Ecuador, Enviromental Issues reported that the cable theft caused the collapse of energy towers in El Oro The result: most of the province in the dark. Transelectric Staff working since yesterday in placing a tower emerging the El Carmen, in the parish the base in El Oro, to normalize the electricity of the 14 counties in the province, since Wednesday night are not Light falling on a tower.

The cut was caused by cable theft, at approximately 18:45 on Wednesday, and the service was restored around 04:00 yesterday, but only in the city of Machala and the canton Passage. However, around 13:00 were again put the bulbs in the capital of Ourense to supply other cantons, both the border and the top, for five hours. Read Article

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