Ecuador: Stolen cellphones being used by criminal gangs, victims beware

Posted on August 26, 2013 • Filed under: Ecuador

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Cellphones are one of the most widely stolen items in Ecuador. Owners of phones or chips registered in their names are required by law to report the incident to authorities and the cellphone company. However many people choose not to do so. This could spell big trouble for the cellphone or chip owner.

Most stolen phones are taken by criminal gangs and or enterprises. The phones are then used in the commission of crimes. When authorities are monitoring illegal activity and a phone is used, they often begin their investigation by tracking down the owner of the cellphone and chip. If the victim did not report the phone stolen they may find themselves being investigated for crimes they had nothing to do with.

Authorities highly recommend that if a cellphone is stolen or chip, that it be reported to authorities. Once this is done the victim is absolved from any responsibility for any commission of crimes with the stolen phone. Read Article

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1.In 2012 there were reported 216,000 cellphones reported stolen – 18,000 a month.
2.Between January and June 2013, Movistar reported a total of 36,956 stolen cellphones – 8 per hour.
3. Numbers of victims of stolen phones never report them being stolen.
4. When you purchase or sign a contract for a phone, it is assigned to the purchaser.

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