Ecuador: So far in 2016, 5 homicides per 100,000

Posted on October 27, 2016 • Filed under: Crime, Ecuador, Ecuador Emergency reported Interior Minister Jose Serrano, stressed that this year the country will close with a rate of 5 murder or homicide per 100,000 inhabitants. drafting Justice Colonel Germán Cevallos, head of the National Office for Crimes Against Life, Violent Deaths, disappearances, Extortion and Kidnapping (Dinased) Zone 8, explained that “two children eight and two years of age (children of the deceased) were unhurt “. Previously, children were removed from an educational establishment in the area. Eyewitnesses said the red car, where they were the murderers, closed the way to the car of the victim, who tried to dodge, but received four bullet wounds, two in the head and twice in the chest. “Everything went very fast. I was standing on the sidewalk to cross the road when five detonations were heard and immediately I saw the gray vehicle hit one of the flowerbeds and other motor out at high speed, “a dweller in the sector. The victim recorded an arrest in 2011 for investigations by concealment of violations. The police chief confirmed the criminal record of the deceased. official statistics Villa crime adds to the 776 violent deaths recorded by the Dinased nationwide from January 1 to October 24 this year. The special police unit detailed in nine months, only until Sept. 28, 536 cases are murders, 130 homicides, 61 femicides and 2 to hired killers. Last year, during the same period, 870 such cases occurred. Interior Minister José Serrano Salgado, during an interview with the Director of the telegraph, noted that this year the country will close with a rate of 5 homicides and murders per 100,000 inhabitants. “That’s the goal it has set the police.” Crimes decrease The authority recalled that last year ended with six cases of violent deaths per 100,000 inhabitants.


“We will reduce murder to less than 1,000 cases.” Serrano said that fewer violent deaths will occur in 2016. “In the last 20 years we are recovering the social and peaceful coexistence.” He also said that to achieve this goal the national government invested in technology and logistics, which led to greater security for citizens. During the delivery of judicial escort in the province of Azuay, the minister Serrano highlighted the work of the Dinased and Criminalistics, which has allowed the Prosecution with 65% of cases (homicide and murder) are resolved. “Of those, 94% have accusatory and only 6% absolving sentences. The resolution of these cases based on the evidence provided by the Forensic science laboratories. We are part of the most unequal and violent region in the world. However, Ecuador makes a difference. ” The authority said the coordinated work allowed Quito, Ambato and Cuenca are located among the 10 safest cities in Latin America. “All Ecuadorian cities have rates below 10 cases of violent deaths.” Read Article

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