Samborondón, Daule Ecuador: New modality of home burlaries, worries residents

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Improve security measures against a new form of theft
Elizabeth Miranda

what worries the residents are recent cases of thefts that have occurred with mode enter houses making holes in the walls of the adjoining enclosures; before more robberies were seen by scaling, says José Pacheco, head of Juan Bautista Aguirre circuit. reported John Moreira, secretary and assistant district operations Police Samborondón coincides with Pacheco and notes that concern residents is generated because the controls in most of the developments in the sector are more concentrated in the entry and exit and surveillance which allows to observe the facade of the houses, but not the walls and backs of each house; to this it is that not all boundaries are raised with material that reinforce the structure.

This form of theft usually occurs on developments private land bordering empty.


“They were 45 minutes of anguish, anxiety and horror, like in the movies,” he describes Susana theft was victim in his home, located in the Castilla urbanization. They entered his home through a foramen they did in the closing of another house inhabited yet in a block that is near empty lots, with which adjoins his. She pointed him in the head with a gun and took her belongings worth about $ 6,000.

The incident occurred the morning of July 24 and is one of the recent cases of robberies of homes in the area under a new modality which alerts residents and has generated several developments measures to strengthen security are taken.

Figures District Police Samborondón and Circuit Juan Bautista Aguirre (Daule), which belongs Castilla and other developments of the Daule-Salitre route and Avenue Leon Febres Cordero, show that burglaries to homes in that jurisdiction are down compared to last year.

In the circuit of Daule, between January and July 2015, 37 cases were recorded; and 22 in the same period of 2016. While in Samborondón, from January to the first week of August in 2015 recorded 57, and this year are 36.

However, in both places

So far this year in addition to two cases in Castilla, in the form of ovale have registered robberies in Nápoli and Plaza Milan, and in the area of ​​Samborondón there have been four cases on two developments, of these, the police only reveals the name of one, stays River.

Castilla does not work in the general electric fence enclosure, René questions Jacome dweller site, adding that this is one of the factors that generate insecurity. He attended a meeting that was held on Thursday, 4, in which another 50 residents participated, and the manager, Mauricio Gonzalez. The appointment was approved the analysis of the proposals that have been received to put more lights on the side of urbanization, in an area bordering private land.

also it plans to add more security cameras. González indicated that the date for implementing the lights and the technology is not yet defined. In the place is home to about 500 families.

In the Los Lagos, located at km 2 of the Samborondón Avenue, they have placed a fence of concertina, which are coils of wire that are connected to an alarm system.

It is installed at about 140 meters. “There have been cases of theft here, but it is a way to prevent” says Hugo Valencia, site administrator. To this extent the permanent control of the enclosure of urbanization through a central control cameras adds.

In the complex overlooking the park, located at km 8.5, it has a high gatehouse located at the rear and an electric fence; also planned to install more cameras around the perimeter of the enclosure and a mesh welded on the wall, plus more lights will be placed.

Security is also strengthening in Las Riberas. Last week tested a new control system output and entry of vehicles and is expected to strengthen surveillance in the back of urbanization. On the site they live some 450 families.

Measures against insecurity also intensified to prevent theft by the river and enclosures in Rio Grande. Sonia Carbo, administrator, says that one of the recent actions taken was to appoint a head of security at the site to establish the mechanisms.

William Gilbert, who took office says the site have tights and a concertina fence, and plans to add more security cameras.

The District Police Samborondón reported that cases of theft by the river have stopped due to increased patrolling the waterway.

Gilbert, who has an experience of 25 years working in security and has an international safety certification, recommends that before taking action to improve control in a residential community should determine the factors that may be the cause of insecurity, considering the location of households; it is a process of risk analysis.

After seeing the vulnerable areas should apply actions.

In the case of theft by mode holes, Gilbert explains that to avoid becoming a victim must count on the developments with alarm systems with technologies like motion sensors and vibration.

To this, he adds that the residents should be careful not to leave the doors open houses when they leave, which is a common practice of the residents of gated communities.

Other factors that also affect is to have a good internal security in developments such as surveillance cameras.

Daniel Adler, Argentine-Israeli expert in international security and crime prevention, recommended a list of all persons entering and leaving the homes, visitors and those who work there, have copies of the certificate confirming that the photo of the document match of the employed person and phone numbers of references from each. “All crimes are by piercing intelligence, means that they do at times when residents are not and this is planned,” he explains.

Santiago Oleas, head of the district police Samborondón indicates that the institution offers service safety buttons. In the aforementioned jurisdiction, in so far this year rose 45% service implementation ..

In parallel, it considered important patrols. In Samborondón and Daule controls they have intensified. (I)

I think that must be deployed more security on the back of urbanization, more cameras and lighting to prevent theft. We live in fear. ”
Geovanny Cervantes,
Resident Castilla

All crimes are by piercing intelligence, it means that they do at times when residents are not and this is planned. ” Read Article

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