Ecuador: Six Guatemalans detained entering the country could not explain why they each had $9500

Posted on October 23, 2012 • Filed under: Crime, Drug Activity, Ecuador, Police/Military Activity, TRAVEL reported that six Guatemalans were detained at Guayaquil’s international airport when their stories did not add up to authorities why they were carrying $9500 a piece for a total of $56,000. They could not tell authorities the origen of the money or the purpose. All six declared they did non know each other, but were going to stay at the same hotel and stay in Ecuador for the same number of days. Freddy Ramos, deputy director of Anti-Narcotics, said each Guatemalan brought around $ 9,500, an amount that is allowed to enter the country, according to the law. However, they failed to explain the origin of the money, so they were detained for investigations. Read Article

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