Ecuador: Report indicates robberies leading cause of murder in Quito

Posted on November 22, 2013 • Filed under: Crime, Ecuador, TRAVEL reported that OMSC (Metropolitan Citizen Security Observatory registered that between January and October 2013, that 42 individuals have been murdered during robbery attempts in Quito, Ecuador. The figures for the same period in 2012 was 41.

There were 4,409 violent robberies compared to 2,130 non-violent robberies reported.

Murders related to personal grievances/fight has fallen from 53 in the January to October time frame in 2012. In 2013 the number is stated as 29.

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Police disagree with the figures stating that of 153 murderes recorded, 103 have been the result of family disputes, fights, vengeance, and individuals with mental health problems. The remainder according to via the police were due to robberies.

One attorney interviewed believes crimes are becomeing more violent because the perpetrator feels there is little chance of a consequence and is acting with impunity.

Administración Zonal Eloy Alfaro is the area where the most homicides have been reported during robberies.

One source stated that many of the groups committing thefts are after property, money, valuables and have no compunction to killing the victim if there is resistance.

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‘La Carolina’ and ‘El Ejido’ parks, the districts of ‘La Mariscal’, ‘La Floresta’ and ‘La Marin’, the old town including the central bus station, and ‘El Panecillo’ hill, Zonal Eloy Alfaro.

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