Ecuador: Alleged mastermind in murder of U.S. Expat, wanted

Posted on May 30, 2017 • Filed under: Crime, Ecuador, Ecuador Emergency

Jonathan Gilchrist, age 65, a U.S. expatriate living in Salinas Ecuador was reported missing under mysterious circumstances to on January 12, 2017.(Read Article)

On March 30th, 2017, Mr. Gilchrist’s body was found by authorities in six feet of concrete under a home in Guayaquil, Ecuador. Police reported that money appeared to be the motive in his murder. Two female suspects were taken into custody for investigation in his murder.

A third suspect not widely mentioned in the press is believed according to a source who agreed to speak anonymously was the mastermind in the grizzly murder. Héctor Javier Veloz Choez, date of birth is December 29, 1974, height 1.75m, and weight 185 pounds. He was employed as the administrator of Mr. Gilchrist’s hotel in Salinas Ecuador.

The wanted announcement below does not indicate who is responsible for the poster (found on social media). One source stated the reward of $1000 for the location of Mr. Veloz Choez is being offered by Mr. Gilchrist’s family. The number for reporting any information is 099-316-8005 via telephone and or whatsapp. Also, the suspect may have absconded to Colombia where he was known to have friends and contacts.


Hector Javier Veloz Dhoez wanted poster

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