Ecuador: Question of President interferring in justice system

Posted on December 4, 2012 • Filed under: Ecuador, Politics

President Rafael Correa visited in prison the only two that were arrested in the case ‘Cofiec’ and ‘declared’ innocent. Soon after, they were released. Police arrested a blogger Paul Moreno, a personal publishing on the Internet last week. In his last sabatina, Correa said that, he can release quickly and he can break all personal data obtained. Moreno also was released yesterday. These are, for opponents, two clear signs of interference that would currently the President of the Republic on the Judiciary. He’s back to the debate in the media that his statement that “we are going to put your hand to justice” and everything came to a point where Correa himself, in the same sabatina, joked: “for many, me I only need to be Pope. ” Read Article

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