Ecuador puts new Presidential jet into service, cost not revealed

Posted on November 28, 2013 • Filed under: Ecuador

ELCOMERCIO.COM reported that President Rafael Correa yesterday released the long-range aircraft acquired by the State, as announced in the purchase link the Saturday 28 September. He did during his trip to the border town of Ipiales where Binational Cabinet II between Ecuador and Colombia held. This is the jet Dassault Falcon 7X of French house, renowned as executive aircraft. “The tri Dassault Falcon 7X flies faster, higher and farther than any other Falcon”. This is the presentation that you can read in the firm NetJets website that has this kind of ships in its fleet. President Correa won the Colombian city past 0900, where he was received by his counterpart Juan Manuel Santos. The ship was purchased by the Ecuadorian Air Force (FAE) and whose identification code is AED 052. According to its specifications, this jet allows overseas flights, as their flight range of 10 391 km and has a capacity for 14 passengers. I mean, this ship allows for a direct flight to Europe, without the need to stop, as it happened with e l jet Legacy 600, which is the presidential plane Correa since 2008. That was one of the justifications put forward by the president, said in September when the need to buy a ship like this. “I told them a few months ago we need an aircraft with capacity to cross the Atlantic. Do not have right now, but it is for the Republic. That is acquiring the FAE.” Those were the words of Correa in his Saturday September 28. The FAE has not reported the price paid by the French aircraft, in the international market can cost about USD 50 million. However, the Plan V digital portal reported that its value could have been $ 48.2 million, under a discount made ​​by the manufacturer to Ecuador and allegedly recorded in a document to which he had access. This journal unsuccessfully requested information arrival jet to an official of the Department of Communication at the FAE. However, the goal Aeromundo Magazine published on 4 November last an article detailing the official handover ceremony was done in EE. UU. This note is accompanied by a photograph of the plane that flew yesterday Correa south of Colombia, with code 052 FAE, covering a distance of 306 km round trip. In a statement on 29 September, the FAE was reported that up buying a ship, as part of a process of renewal of their light aircraft, and special transport medium, without specifying values. “Within this scenario the FAE has identified the need for a long-range aircraft, with specifications and performance in line with modern technology to enable highly secure and efficient.” More features According to the manufacturer’s technical specification, this French jet can reach across the Americas, without having to stop. The flight time performing this comparison of commercial aircraft flights is also lower. This covers the Quito-Berlin route in 11 hours and 12 minutes. Makes a commercial flight in 14 hours and 17 minutes. “Incredibly powerful and absolutely silent,” is the view that has Patrick Tardieu, one of NetJets pilots. President Correa regularly uses to get around the Legacy 600 Embraer Brazilian house. This aircraft was purchased by the FAE at a cost of USD 30.3 million. Read Article

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