Ecuador: Passenger Reviews of TAME Airlines, some good and some not so good

Posted on January 6, 2016 • Filed under: Ecuador, Ecuador Travel, Latin America Aviation provides readers an area to comment on the overall service and experience of airlines. TAME ranks with a score of 5 out of 10. Here are four reviews from the site. Some good and some not so good.

Fatima of United States

Cabin Flown: Economy

Fatima’s overall rating : 1/10

I finally found a customer reviews page for this airline. So first of all this happened a year ago in January 2014. I was stuck in Guayaquil for 3 days. I had a flight from GYE-NYC and was canceled due to “mechanical issues” without notification from the staff to anyone checked in, waiting at the gate. After about an hour or so of wondering what is happening they tell us we wont be leaving till tomorrow morning at 6AM so they accommodated us in a rather nice hotel. This happened for the next 3 days, which caused me to miss 3 days of class. In the those 3days the staff was incompetent, rude as well as the manager who by the way raised his voice at me and put his had in my face and said “You are in my country and in my country you speak my language! ” after me getting frustrated and not being able to express myself anymore in spanish and demanding answers and frankly was sick of his smirk on his face as I was talking. I wish i could give the benefit of the doubt to the company being that at the time they were only 2-3months new to flying internationally but the way they handled the situation was extremely wrong.Bottom line I’ll never fly TAME.

James of United States

Cabin Flown: Economy

James’s overall rating : 10/10

In our last trip to Ecuador, one of our team members suggested to travel by an ecuadorean airline, and we follow his advised since we always fly on AA, and we were pleasantly surprise to follow his suggestion, our first impression was boarding a new aircraft Airbus A330-200 with individual entertainment center had the latest movies and games on a nice LCD screen free of charge, we were offer three choices of meat that was a plus, we could choose even wine or small bottle of champagne, we did not have that on AA, service was pleasant and we had confy chairs, good leg room, nice and smooth ride to Quito brand new airport, the only down side if I can call it that was that our final destination was to Guayaquil, we waited almost three hours we lost the connection for a domestic flight and the next one available was overbook, so we had to wait for the next one, Guayaquil’s airport also looked nice and new. On our way back EVERYTHING was nice and easy because our domestic flight left on time and we could switched our flights in Quito without any problem, our bags went directly to JFK without checking again in Quito. Excellent service and please take a note on the connections to other cities than Quito
Kim of United States

Cabin Flown: Economy

Kim’s overall rating : 1/10

I arrived at the Cuenca airport at 6:45 am for a 8:30 am flight to Quito and on to Las Vegas. I had booked this flight as one. I waited until all the passengers that were going on an earlier flight were checked in, before being waited on. This was not problem as we had plenty of time, and I obliged patiently. While checking in my attendant told me because it was an international flight I would not be charged for the extra baggage. She was so friendly and explained how my baggage could not be checked all the way through and I would have to pick it up in Quito and take it to COPA. An attendant name Paula then intervened and insisted that I had to pay extra for my luggage. i referred to the fact that it was not the case on my arrival to Cuenca, Paula’s response: “Pay or leave your bags will stay here.” This upset me greatly as I had only been trying to state that I had not paid coming. I never said I would not pay. When I went to the main office to pay, I was upset by Paula’s customer service practice and was not happy and I did not act as politely as i could, but never did I raise my voice. The manger came and threatened to take me to jail. He was reviewing the tape of my interaction at the check in. There was obviously nothing I had done wrong, yet I kept being told I had been violent. The person saying this them said she had not even been there, yet she knew. Both these managers took the work of one attendant over the very polite one. She came to my defense several times. The fact I was threatened twice by this airline. Paula never tried to help me, only tried to make me feel she was the superior and she would have me put away. Once they looked at the tape I believe it was obvious I was not violent nor did I raise my voice to anyone. I did apologize the to the cashier, who kept telling me how customers do not act this way in Ecuador. I wish Tame in Cuenca all the best.

Javier of United States

Cabin Flown: Economy

Javier’s overall rating : 10/10

Tame was great! the food was amazing and the seats were really comfortable even though I was in Coach. It was late for 30 minutes but Hey! it happens all the time. I thought I should share this since I see bad reviews about this airlines and I don’t think all is true.
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