Ecuador: New environmental tax on vehicles to begin January, 2012 for vehicles

Posted on December 27, 2011 • Filed under: Business, Ecuador, Enviromental Issues

The year and the cylinder capacity in cubic centimeters (cc) of the vehicle are the main aspects for the calculation that the user must pay tuition for Environmental Tax concept vehicle pollution, IACM, part of the Environmental Promotion Act governed the country since November 24 and will be effective from January 2012. Opinion. Santiago Crespo, business manager for Toyota, said that this new tax would not affect the sale of cars, it is an additional item is required at time of registration. Asked whether more displacement may do, the more air pollution?, Crespo responded that it is relative, but said greater cylinder capacity does exist to more fuel consumption, in addition, a larger engine ejects more toxic gases. The other factor is taken into account in the calculation has to do with years of vehicle life. Cars from previous years can pollute more because their engines have less technology. In the case of a Toyota Fortuner is the cylinder capacity of 2 700 cc, and 2012. The tax “green” this vehicle is $ 132. Read Article

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