Ecuador: few drivers know of legal or moral obligations when involved in vehicle accident

Posted on April 10, 2013 • Filed under: Crime, Ecuador, TRAVEL

In serious accident, life or death is a matter of minutes sometimes, but not all drivers have basic knowledge of first aid. These are the ten basic rules: HELP WITHOUT DOUBT: Provide first aid is not only a moral obligation, but legal. Who walks past an injury accident can be subject to criminal prosecution. So you have to leave the car himself at a safe distance from the crash site and offer help. In first aid there is no error, just not help. OWN CARE SAFETY: endanger yourself does not help anyone, so you have to activate the emergency lights, put on the vest and not driving on the road, but behind safety barriers for highway . ENSURE THE SCENE: To prevent other accidents because of the need to ensure first-scene immediately placing the safety triangles to 100 or 200 meters depending on the type of road. Read Article

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