Ecuador: 8700 kilometers in roads constructed over last eight years

Posted on September 16, 2015 • Filed under: Ecuador reported Ecuador has built more than 8,700 kilometers of roads in the past eight years
Ecuador has built more than 8,700 kilometers of roads in the past eight years, said Wednesday the president Rafael Correa to inaugurate the reconstruction of Zhud-Cochancay-El Triunfo way, 98 kilometers, linking the Austro the southern Ecuadorian coast.

“More than 8,700 kilometers of roads we have built over the past eight years, an average of 1,000 kilometers per year, ie twice the distance between Quito and Guayaquil (the two main cities of the country),” stressed the president, while stressing the investment made by his government in development works.

In that sense he deplored the criticism of his detractors said that confuse investment spending. “Expenses are those beauty contests that were organized in past governments,” said the President during the inauguration ceremony attended by hundreds of residents of beneficiaries of the rural work.

In this context he recalled that, despite the difficult year economically by falling oil prices and other external factors, work goes in water, hydropower and other areas, meaning an investment of over 6,000 million megaprojects, but when they are ready, next year, they will save hundreds of millions of dollars into the country.

He added that given the economic situation the government is committed to maintaining macroeconomic equilibria with measures aimed at strengthening the production. He therefore called collective strength to meet these challenges.

“Today we are faced with two options: throw us to mourn and blame the government for catching a votito in the next elections or to work and produce more,” he said.

During his speech, also he addressed the political situation qualified by opposition calls to paralyze the country, but before that he said scenario which has the overwhelming support of the Ecuadorian people, including the indigenous sector.

“These people in the day you wear Democrats, but at night they do is this that is conspiring against the government of the workers,” he said. Read Article

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