Córdoba, Colombia a paradise at severe risk, BACRIM is a major threat

Elmeridianodecordoba.com.co reported that law and order situation in the department has become a source of conflict between local and national authorities, for while Gov. Martha Sáenz Correa wields a figure of 356 dead at the hands of criminal gangs in so far year, the former Minister of Defense Rodrigo Rivera from Bogota said at the time that it was all a bad perception of reality.

1. Paramillo National Park, also has Betancí Swamp, where remains have been found Zenú culture. According to the mayor, Anibal Ortiz, of the 360 ​​000 hectare park owned by the municipality, seven thousand are cultivated with coca.
2. Several weeks ago, 237 families of rural Tierralta moved by the slaughter of several peasants.
3. San Bernardo del Viento. Despite the quality of its beaches residents fear large numbers of armed individuals. Site of murder of couple by BACRIM.
4.Ayapel a swamp known for its rich diversity of flora and fauna, but now is being contaminated with mercury indiscriminately by illegal mining operations allegedly operated by drug gangs.
5. Montelibano, whis is the capital of nickel production and location of an Ecological park. Threat of possible suspention of elections because of high risk because of possible interference in campaigns by BACRIM.
6. Playa Blanca located near San Antero which is a major agriculture area. The beaches and waterways are a well known jumping off point for moving drugs out of the Colombia. Read Article

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