Colombian authorities rescue Ecuadorian minor girl from slave labor conditions

Posted on March 18, 2012 • Filed under: Colombia, Economy, Ecuador, Human Smuggling, Labor Issues

The child is a native of Iluman (Imbabura Province) and was taken to Colombia to work under compulsion and without receiving a salary, although before leaving he was offered $ 150 a month.
During a routine operation, Colombian police casually entered a store to ask for identification papers and work permits. The Ecuadorian realizing the presence of the soldiers reported their employers to police. The authorities of the neighboring country to confirm that no documents and work permits, was transferred to the Colombian Family Welfare Institute to provide protection. As stated in the document issued by the Consulate of Ecuador in Bogota, the child had heard an ad on kichwua, to send two elderly women willing to work in a warehouse in Colombia.
1. Girl victim heard and answered advertisment in kichwua promising $150.00 a month
2. Victim only allowed to sleep four hours a day
3. Victim was provided no renumeration.
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