Guayaquil, Ecuador: Three Murders Recorded In Less Than 24 Hours

Posted on April 28, 2017 • Filed under: Crime, Ecuador, Ecuador Emergency (machine translated) reported a 30-year-old man was shot in the outside of a downtown nightclub. Álex Vanegas

The detonations of a gun interrupted the sleep, the dawn of yesterday, of the residents of the street of Lorenzo de Garaycoa between General Gómez and Portete. From the window, a neighbor watched a man lying on the sidewalk, outside a nightclub, his clothes covered in blood.

Sergio Javier CO, 30, was riddled outside the nightclub, where a hostel also worked. He received nine bullet wounds, mostly in the chest.

The victim “entered, according to the administrator, with a group of friends. There was an argument inside and they went outside. Apparently they leave the place, but one of the subjects goes to a vehicle, a motorcycle takes out a firearm, advances towards the man with whom he had discussed and he shoots the shots, “said Jaime Tirado, captain of Chile circuit 9th of October district.

The man was transferred at that time, 01:00, to a nearby hospital and at approximately 05:45 he passed away. The nightclub, which has operating permits, was used as a ‘brothel’, according to neighbors in the sector.

Hours earlier, two men were killed in the south and north of Guayaquil, one shot and another with machetes. At noon on the same Wednesday the death of a young man in Bastion Flower was reported. In less than 24 hours these three deaths were counted.

On that day, Pedro Durán went to his house, in Block 2 of Bastion Flower, and found his son Manuel, 22, dead in the room, with cuts on his body, next to a machete.

He blamed the death of his sixth son (seven) on three of his offspring for allegedly wanting to take over the house he left behind in Manuel’s care.

Earlier, at 08:40 on Wednesday, Sergio Angulo Gonzalez was killed after receiving four bullet wounds in the backyard of his home, at the Siete Lagos cooperative.

One of the brothers who were in the house would have heard that someone entered the house and then the detonations.

No shells were found, just a bullet, prosecutor Neil Dueñas said, handling this case. The victim was known to be problematic and to use drugs.

Meanwhile, in the sector of La Playita del Guasmo was found yesterday morning a man of Colombian nationality, known in the neighborhood as Colombia, because of his sexual inclination. He, who allegedly had problems with drug use, lived in an abandoned house. There he was found dead. Monday was the last day that locals and friends saw him.


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