Colombia: average of three Scopolamine attacks daily

Posted on March 8, 2013 • Filed under: Colombia, Crime, TRAVEL

Attacks using scopolamine are not limited to bars or nightclubs. Reports have also taken place at banks and public transport systems. Mode of delivery in those locations can often be via a piece of paper which has been contaminated.
Last year 1186 complaints were reported according to Bogota is the city most cases recorded. The drama of three university Bogotá only recall being rumba in the T and later found abused in a motel Chapinero sector has two things in common: the aggressor and the substance used. It was a desire inhibitor commonly known as scopolamine, which is not only the dust out of the bush known as borrachero or cocoa sabanero, but an even more dangerous mix antidepressants and sleep medicines…. Read Article

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