Brazilian drones to help detect clandestine factories and airstrips in Bolivia

Posted on July 3, 2012 • Filed under: Bolivia, Border Issues, Brazil, Crime, Intelligence, Police/Military Activity

According to a report published by El Sol, Brazilian drones will be used to help detect narco-trafficking and drug production activity in Bolivia. The two countries share a 1,300 kilometer border through jungle terrain. Drones had been used in a two-day operation in Santa Cruz, in which 240 cocaine factories and a clandestine airstrip were discovered and destroyed. Brazil was able to use information gathered by the drones and communicate it to ground forces in Bolivia, who were able to locate the clandestine locations. The are capable of flying in bad weather for up to 20 hours and were produced in Israel. They operate quietly and are equipped with night cameras, which are some of the reasons Bolivia wants to use drones in future strikes against drug activity in the country. Read Article

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