Brazil: Engineer for Petrobras Reveals Corruption Scheme in Company

Posted on August 12, 2013 • Filed under: Brazil, Corruption, Crime

Globo reported on August 10, 2013 that Época magazine received information from João Henrique Augusto Rezende, a Petrobras engineer and former director of BR Distribuidora about a corruption scheme in Petrobras. According to Augusto, who oversaw all international agreements, 60% to 70% of earning from the Petrobras was used towards parliamentarians in the PMDB and the PT (Dilma’s Worker’s Party). It is reported that the earnings were use for Dilma’s presidential campaign in 2010 although both parties deny the accusations. There is also suspicion that money for the campaign came from the Odebrecht construction company although the company denies such activity with Petrobras. Read Article

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