Ambato, Ecuador: Rains, River Flooding Cause Suspension of Water Services

Posted on July 12, 2011 • Filed under: Conflicts, Ecuador, Enviromental Issues, Health, Latin America Health

According to torrential rains are causing problems for certain sectors of Ambato. Officials say that in some areas drinking water began to turn brown from mud run-off and in other sectors water service had to be suspended. In the sectors of Ingahurco, La Merced, part of Fico and barrios located on high-land had their water service suspended this morning, July 12th beginning at 8 a.m. The head of the water treatment plant in Tilulim, Jorge Canseco says the rain has caused the Ambato and Alajua Rivers to rise above their banks breaking a water pipe serving the Troya tank. Officials say that work is beginning immediately to repair the pipe but that the flooding of the Ambato River is preventing them from completing the maintenance within a day. Officials add that the communities affected will be supplied with two buckets of usable water for daily household activities.Read Article

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