515 Thousand Doses of Cocaine From Colombia, Seized near Tulcán, Ecuador

Posted on May 17, 2013 • Filed under: Border Issues, Colombia, Crime, Drug Activity, Ecuador, Police/Military Activity

515 Thousand Doses of Cocaine Seized near Tulcán, Ecuador.

El Norte reported on May 16, 2013 that 100 kilos of cocaine from Colombia en route to the United States were seized in the Carchi province of Ecuador near the city of Tulcán. The driver of the truck, Carlos R., claimed that he came from Pasto, Colombia and that the vehicle was not his property. Officials searched the truck and found that it had been modified with a cache that held 90 packages of cocaine disguised as a beverage. Early investigations show that the drugs were from Pasto, Colombia and were on their way to San Lorenzo, Ecuador where they would be sent by sea to the United States. This was one of the most significant seizures this year, with the value of the seized cocaine estimated at 3,353,837 USD. Read Article

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