Venezuelans lining up at Ecuador Border seeking entrance

Posted on July 27, 2017 • Filed under: Border Issues, Colombia, Ecuador, Ecuador Emergency, Venezuela

number of foreigners seeking to enter Ecuador, from Colombia, increased in Rumichaca

El Comercio / The Migration Office of Ecuador, located on the International Bridge of Rumichaca, on the border with Colombia, increased from 6 to 13 windows of attention to the public. This seeks to expedite the procedures of the growing number of foreign nationals seeking to enter the country.

The afternoon of yesterday, July 26, 2017, formed a line of more than 100 meters of travelers. The scenario was similar this Thursday, July 27, 2017. According to an official of the state dependency the majority come from Venezuela and has as destinations the interior of Ecuador or the transit to neighboring countries like Peru and Chile.

Most foreigners, such as Elizabeth Moncada, a teacher from Cúcuta, Venezuela , say she is only visiting. However, he says that if he has an opportunity to stay, he will “face the political and economic crisis of his country”

Outside the Migration office, located next to the international viaduct, dozens of people are waiting to be seen. Many carry large suitcases and claim that it is the only thing they possess because they have sold their goods in search of a quiet place to live.

Most travelers are covered with coats and blankets, to withstand the cold climate of the capital of Carchi. The agglomeration of people is also evident in the terrestrial terminal of Tulcán.

According to Verónica Castillo, Coordinator of Local Management of Imbabura y Carchi, from Asylum Access (Ecuador), an institution that helps foreigners in need of international protection, ensures that the majority moves into the interior of Ecuador and others use the country as a He passed.The number of foreigners seeking to enter Ecuador from Colombia increased in Rumichaca Read Article

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