Venezuela: Malaria cases on pace to break all-time record in 2014

Posted on June 9, 2014 • Filed under: Latin America Health, TRAVEL, Venezuela reported this year it seems that malaria will once again break all-time highs in terms of the number of cases registered in the country and is that at last Epidemiological bulletin of the Ministry of health, which comprises of 18-24 may record a total of 31,761 cases of this disease in the country. An alarming situation if it is considered that in just one week were recorded 1.583 new cases (with respect to the previous newsletter) which means, an increase in the 6.76%. Again is the Bolivar State that presents the greatest record of cases with a 94.5% of them, while the municipalities Sifontes, Gran sabana, Sucre, Angostura, Cedeño, Atures and Atabapo. Read Article

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