Venezuela: Despite political, economic crisis, love is in the air, romantic hotels

Posted on February 20, 2017 • Filed under: Latin America Travel, Venezuela reported / We are in the month of love, the most fun month for people who dream of tender feelings and feel illusion. It is true that life is more beautiful loving, and living for someone you consider special. How divine it is to be in love, to share an illusion that is becoming reality little by little. What an emotion to feel those butterflies in the stomach, when one sees or thinks of that person who moves the floor. I can not imagine anything better than hugging and kissing that person, with whom one dreams at night.


And since there is no better example of love than taking your travel partner, today I want to recommend some romantic hotels for the place where they are, the service they provide and the charming atmosphere that surrounds them. Surely you will want more if you surprise her, inviting her during the week when there are less guests, to one of these hotels:

Black Forest in Colonia Tovar, discover the love between the mist

Already the Colonia Tovar is romantic for its climate and its landscapes, its ancestral constructions and its people. The dean of the hotels in the area is a perfect nest for love; That illusion love that Marcel Proust so well traced in his work In search of lost time. Proust pointed out that if one has the capacity to love, it does not matter so much the chosen subject, but the attributes one adds to it. Is love fantasy or reality? I do not know, but in a beautiful cabin in the Black Forest, I’m sure you will enjoy your time that has been lost to you during such routine, and you can give free rein to those feelings that have had so much time dammed.

Next to the church of Colonia Tovar, Aragua state.

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