United States Southern Command Strategy 2018, LATIN AMERICA

United States Southern Command Strategy 2018

United States Southern Command
December 2008
The United States Southern Command (
USSOUTHCOM) Command Strategy for 2018
provides the vision for how we hope to become a mor
e interagency oriented
organization seeking to work with U.S. and internat
ional partners to support security
and stability in the Americas. Our vision and stra
tegy respond to the ever-constant
mandate to meet our joint military requirements and
to recognize the increasing
importance of integrating all instruments of nation
al capability to meet the challenges
of the future throughout the hemisphere. As we mov
e into the future, we are
committed to helping build a focused, collaborative
approach that will enable all of us
to work together to fulfill the promise of the Amer
The word “promise” has two different, but equa
lly important meanings. The first
meaning is a mutual agreement between parties — an u
nbreakable bond. The second
meaning is the intention to accomplish a mission or
to do something vital and
important. The United States Southern Command full
y commits to meet both
definitions. We “promise” to be a reliable partner
across the hemisphere as we face
tough challenges together. We will also work with
our partners to help unlock the
“promise” of the future.
This strategy is a living document. While we
will formally review this strategy every
two years, we will make changes whenever we need in
order to take advantage of
emerging opportunities.
In the end, our goal is simple: build relatio
nships and work cooperatively together
in the context of both interagency and internationa
l activities to ensure security and
enhance stability through a strong partnership for
the Americas.
Admiral, U.S. Navy Read Full Report

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