U.S. congresswoman believes Iran is danger to Latin America, Bolivia

Posted on February 29, 2012 • Filed under: Bolivia, Conflicts, Police/Military Activity, Religion, Social Issues, Terrorism

In search of the ‘Islamic menace’ in Bolivia
One US congresswoman is convinced that the Iranian government is a danger to Latin American countries such as Bolivia.
he possibility of a bomb in La Paz was raised in December 2011 by Ros-Lehtinen, co-star of a non-factual documentary entitled “La amenaza iraní” (“The Iranian Threat”), in which she insinuates that the US should attack Iran in order to avert bomb explosions in various Latin American capitals. The film was released by Univision, the prominent US broadcast network, which is owned by someone who hosts galas in honour of the Israeli military. The Iranians meanwhile acquired a new rival in the realm of multilingual extremist propaganda dissemination earlier this month when – as Charles Davis has wryly noted – the Spanish-language Univision re-released its film in English.
Quds Force in disguise When, after several days in La Paz, Iranian penetration into the Western hemisphere was still not glaringly apparent, I set out for the epicentre of penetrating operations: the embassy of Iran, said to be guarded by the elite Quds Force. Read Article

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