Travel Alert Puno Region Peru: tourist protection network issues statement of concern over safety and security

Posted on August 15, 2012 • Filed under: Conflicts, Peru, TRAVEL

The Regional Tourist Protection of Puno (La Red Regional de Protección al Turista de Puno), just issued a ruling on the hostile atmosphere that is supporting the region as a result of stoppages that have deranged to Puno as an unsafe destination and attractive. Being of interest is transcribed below the tenor of the document:
Given the events that have taken place in the Puno region, because of the frequent social conflicts of various kinds, it is appropriate to demonstrate to the authorities, national and regional following;

FIRST. – We show our deep concern over the events that are taking place daily in the region of Puno, road occupation and interruption of free passage, protest marches in several cities, vandalism lock Inca Manco Capac airport in the Juliaca, causing chaos and personal insecurity of the population, and tourists visiting our region. Read Article

SECOND. – These are actions that a while now are generating an increasingly negative image of the region in the country and abroad, are no longer natural effects as ef cold or altitude above sea level away visitors to the region, not the distance from Lima which does not allow the arrival of visitors. Now is the attitude and the irresponsibility of some people own and foreign, are to remain in backwardness, underdevelopment and extreme poverty in the population. Read Article

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