Tonsupa, Atacames Ecuador: 25 percent buildings damaged after earthquake

Posted on December 21, 2016 • Filed under: Earthquake, Ecuador, Ecuador Emergency


ELCOMERCIO.COM reported Serious damage in nine hotels Atacames and four collapsed in Tonsupa did conclude experts from the Ministry of Urban Development and Housing (Housing Ministry) that there are serious shortcomings in the construction processes. In the structure of the hostel El Encuentro, he collapsed on the boardwalk Tonsupa, iron corrosion and lack of consistency in concrete (more sand than cement) is observed. This details one of the technicians who performs the evaluation of buildings affected by the earthquake of 5.7 degrees, which occurred on Monday 19 December. Francisco Zambrano, owner of the property, says that all technical measures were adopted, but the foundation gave way completely. The evaluation of the state of construction in Atacames takes place from December 12, when the first strong earthquake of 5.1 degrees occurred. A preliminary report by the Housing Ministry determined that 25% of the buildings in Tonsupa rose without technical standards. In this parish of the Atacames canton there are 8 000 properties, representing the largest investment in hotel infrastructure in the south of the province of Esmeraldas. The Secretariat of Risk Management reports that 70% of homes in that parish have cracks, cracks and walls have fallen. In Atacames, on the other hand, 40% of the hotel infrastructure has a medium-high impact. And 20% of homes have fallen walls, fissures and cracks. In Tonsupa 70 houses were affected and much of the hotel, because they would not have been built with earthquake – resistant bases. A house Carmelina Estupiñán, built of concrete and block, in the neighborhood of Tonsupa John Perez, was damaged walls and arched columns. So far, 1 200 families reported having their homes affected. Bayardo Ramirez, zonal coordinator of the Housing Ministry, following an inspection in Tonsupa-most affected – zone, said that in many constructions of buildings and houses lacking technical details. For example, structures are precarious because they are incomplete; That is, they do not have chains, foundations, columns, beams and structural frames; Therefore, being loose yield easily, he explains. The only difference between the houses and hotels is that these are bigger and having deficiencies were destroyed. Ciro Conde, owner of a store that collapsed in the Tonsupa-Atacames way, ensures that girded the rules, but do not know why it fell. One of the explanations of the president of the Chamber of Construction of Esmeraldas, Alberto Valencia, is that in Tonsupa many do not hire calculators to do a real study of soil to know their resistance. The former director of the Housing Ministry, Eddy Villacis, adds another detail: take into account that Atacames, being the epicenter of the quake and shallow, the impact has been greatest buildings, the earthquake of April 16. Valencia and Villacís believe that construction is not followed from the Municipal Construction Commission to those who carry out the works, who are not always qualified professionals. For now it is expected a report of the tests that will be done on the concrete of the affected hotels and materials that were used in the construction of buildings with cracks and fallen masonry. One of the builders in the area of ​​Playa Azul-Tonsupa, where there are 29 homes with structural damage, says that the constructions in that area, technically can be up to 15 floors, but has been abused by not abiding by established techniques. Mayor Atacames, Byron Aparicio, reported that the constructions approved plans to meet the standards will be reviewed. “Since I have been in charge of the Municipality we have controlled.” So far, the damage has not been quantified, but according to the Mayor, the economic losses are millions for tourism investment. The Planning Department approved 12 new buildings in Tonsupa, but with the problems caused by the earthquakes could lose that investment, says Mayor Aparicio.


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