Thousands of Americans Have Settled in Cuenca Ecuador

Posted on August 23, 2013 • Filed under: Ecuador

Thinking of moving to Ecuador? This book will help your research reported that a colonial jewel of Ecuador, spilling over with cobblestoned streets, well-preserved churches and attractive leafy plazas—all tucked into a verdant Andean valley traversed by four winding rivers—Cuenca wins out as the country’s most idyllic urban locale. From the Inca to the Spanish to the most recent wave of foreign settlers—this time, in the form of thousands of American retirees—it’s little wonder that outsiders have long descended on Cuenca in droves. Ecuador’s third-largest city, UNESCO-protected Cuenca is second to none when it comes to urban appeal, with a small-town, old-world feel that’s pleasantly devoid of what can be overbearing noise, pollution, and crowds in larger Ecuadorian cities (Quito, Guayaquil). Tourists and settling pensioners alike can count on rave-worthy restaurants, welcoming watering holes, cozy cafes, heavenly handicrafts shops, and copious cultural events—all to be enjoyed at refreshingly low cost (easy enough to quantify, since Ecuador uses the U.S. dollar as currency). Read Article

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