Tensions Mount Between Illegal Miners and Indigenous group on Peru, Ecuador border

Posted on February 25, 2015 • Filed under: Border Issues, Crime, Ecuador, Latin America Indigenous Issues, Latin America Mining, Peru

EFE/elcomercio.com reported The regional government of Amazonas warned the central government of Peru on the hostility that is recorded in northern Peru among the Pueblo Indians Aguaruna and illegal miners entering Ecuador Peruvian territory, said Wednesday February 25 regional institution a statement. The vice president of Amazon, Carlos Navas, met in Lima with officials of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers (PCM) and the Foreign Ministry to warn that hostility may trigger a violent confrontation “by the decision of the people Aguaruna to expel the tackles illegal miners. ” Navas traveled to Lima with the district mayor Cenepa, Manuel Diaz Nashap, and leaders of the awajun ethnicity (as also referred to aguarunas), for a meeting with Commissioner Affairs formalization of Illegal Mining of the PCM, Antonio Fernández, who’s summoned a visit to the area within 45 days. The meeting with representatives of the Foreign Ministry did nothing to reach any agreement or commitment, the statement said. The regional vice president felt that the Government’s response to your request for attention was a “snub for not addressing this issue as it should,” and lamented that ministers “leave the responsibility to officials of middle management who have no power of decision.” “So it will reaffirm the government’s fault if a tragedy like baguazo happens,” said Navas, referring to the indigenous protest in the same region, in 2009, left 33 dead and one missing. The president of the native communities of the High Comaina, Luis Dupis, participated in the meeting and explained that the Aguaruna people are organizing to violently evict the “invaders”. The place of conflict is in the province of Condorcanqui, located in the Cordillera del Condor, a frontier zone between Peru and Ecuador the scene of the “War of the Cenepa” between the two countries in 1995. A television report issued last February 1 activity denounced alleged illegal mining in the district Ecuador Cenepa, and presented the testimony of a group of them, who claimed to be Ecuadorian daily basis and remove two or three grams of gold. Read Article


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