Santo Domingo Ecuador: 70 year old woman raped at cemetery while visiting deceased son

Posted on May 17, 2013 • Filed under: Crime, Ecuador, Latin America Womens Issues

Also, note that she had left early for home that is located in a rural village in the northeast of Santo Domingo. Almost at noon arrived at the site where the remains of his relative, which is just opposite the National Police Command of Santo Domingo. She had placed flowers. Also candles in the vault of his offspring, because they remembered the third year of his death. Lifted prayers and said, weeping goodbye. As he prepared to return to their homes and out by a pedestrian street cemetery, a man she waved. Everything seemed normal, but at the moment, he says, was required to give him money.

“I said give me the money you have. I told him I did not have. He took out a knife and then told me I’ll kill you. I asked him to not kill me, then I said I violated, “he said in his complaint the woman. After that initial attack grabbed was strong and concrete construction of a dome. The shot on the cold stone, and then had proceeded to outrage her Read Article

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