Puerto Limón, Ecuador: Montuvio Traditions Live On

Posted on February 2, 2017 • Filed under: Culture, Ecuador

Maria Victoria Espinosa Editor (F- Intercultural Content) Elcomercio.com

Puerto Limón still retains the traditions of its Manabi ancestors. This rural parish of Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas was founded more than 60 years ago by montuvios de Chone, Santa Ana, Olmedo, Flavio Alfaro, Montecristi and Portoviejo. Asisglo de la Cruz arrived in the parish 60 years ago, when he was barely 10. He arrived from the capital of Manabi with his parents in search of work. At that time, Manabi faced a severe drought and the fields did not produce fruits or rice . In addition the cattle began to die. That motivated the montuvios to look for new opportunities in the Sierra . But on the way they met with Saint Doming or. “We worked day laborers from children until we could buy some land and stay here.” Avilio Cedeño affirmed that one of the reasons why they did not return to Manabí was the fertile lands . The manabita came from the southern canton of Santa Ana , 64 years ago. Remember that they began to grow real palm and to sell it in Santo Domingo . “Everything people wanted was done in Santo Domingo . That’s why we stayed, because we saw opportunities to grow. ” In addition, the sector of Puerto Limón began to populate. According to the Parish Board , of the 12,000 inhabitants of the parish , 6,000 are descendants of Manabites . One of them is Marisol Álava , who was born in Puerto Limón but his family is from the neighboring province. And by her roots, she seeks to rescue the montuvia culture in her restaurant . There he prepares the food that is consumed in the rural areas of Manabí , such as the meatball soup or the fish caught with beans, rice, salad and patacones . In the mornings prepare tigrillo (majada de banana verde), bolones, patacones, among other dishes. “The locals have adapted to our food and you can say that it is already part of the culture of this parish, ” he said. In the restaurant , the dishes include peanut and salprieta , which can not miss in these recipes . “We feel like in our land when we try the delicacies that are prepared in Puerto Limón “, assured Maria Cedeño . She is from Chone but lives in the center of Santo Domingo for 20 years and visits Puerto Limón at least once a month. “We come for a walk . We go to the river Peripa and we use to eat as in Manabí . ”


The traditional pastries of the montuvios are also easily found in the Puerto Limón parish. José Moreira has a bakery . There he sells sighs, biscuits, eggs mollos, stuffed lemons, cookies, bread with filling of manjar, coconut, pineapple, among other typical sweets . He points out that until six years ago he was engaged in cattle trade . But that at the death of his wife decided to remember the recipes that she prepared and dedicate to that work. “It was very hard to lose. That’s why I wanted to take up your job and remember it every day. ” The fixed clients of Moreira arrive every Sunday from the farms and the center of Santo Domingo . They buy candy in packages of up to 20 units. “As Puerto Limón is far away, they take it for the whole week.” For the manabita Rosa Moreira , the food has made the traditions not to be lost. For example, the cheese in the parish is made like in Chone , without pasteurizing the milk . “If we change the recipes or the products , the touch is lost.” Read Article

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