President Rafael Correa warns of possible “soft coup” attempt in Ecuador

Posted on May 29, 2014 • Filed under: Ecuador, Politics

According to President Rafael Correa warned today that the regrouping of local and international right wing, as well as the extreme left, with the complicity of some media outlets, to prepare a “soft coup” along the lines of the one going on in Venezuela for more than one hundred days.

“Fellow citizens, comrades, some hard times await; there is a conservative restoration underway with the complicity of the alleged radical left”, he said in his Report to the Nation before the National Assembly.

Thus, he invited the people to defend the People’s Revolution. “The responsibility to defend this process is not only the Government’s, it belongs to each and all citizens.

We cannot allow, he noted, those white, mixed or indigenous oligarchies who lost at the voting polls to try to impose their will to the vast majority, through the media, economic power and alleged ancient rights.


“We are more, many more, and we’re more united than ever, we will resist and win”, he said in the midst of the ovation from those present at the National Assembly.

The President said that he hopes that the majority of revolutionary assembly members passes laws for the people including the Organic Monetary and Financial Code, the Law for the Use of Soil, the Labor Code, the Culture Heritage Code, the new Social Security Law, the Code on Knowledge, the Human Mobility Law, the Law of Water Resources, among others.

He assured that he won’t allow that the discussion about the Law of Water Resources becomes an excuse to trick peasants, arguing an inexistent privatization of water.

He announced that if – in order to prevent deceit and lies – he has to veto in full that law, he will do so. And he assured that the democratization of access to water has started but that (the government) will not accept pressure from anyone, much less from groups who think they own this resource which belongs to all Ecuadorians. MNC/El Ciudadano. Read Article

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