Possible Glitch in Ecuador’s 911 system

Posted on May 4, 2017 • Filed under: Crime, Ecuador, Ecuador Emergency

This is an unedited post from an Ecuador expat group on Facebook. This information has not been corroborated or confirmed. It is believed event took place in Salinas and or environs.
“So if you have had your phone programmed by the police fro emergencies, you better check to make sure it connects to the right police department. Our call at 3:25 am went to Machala police dept. 911 took the call but never responded. I finally had to use Whatsapp chat with local police to get a response. They just came and told me the system is over internet and the call goes to whoever responds! They told me to use Whatsapp with the local police to get better response.
Anyways…the thief got away with a Laptop which he pulled off of charger in haste and a piece of luggage… and the computer case which he filled up with cheese and crackers..He was aware that there are no dogs in the backyard and all the dogs sleep inside with us, so he entered the property through the back wall and only robbed the casita.”


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