Peru: increase in coca crops in Loreto region

Posted on August 15, 2012 • Filed under: Agriculture, Drug Activity, Peru

The regional president of Loreto, Yván Vasquez Valera, reiterated its concern at noon due to the presence of coca crops and drug trafficking in your jurisdiction. As reported in your region there are 38 thousand hectares of coca planted on different fronts. For example, near the borders with Colombia and Brazil as well as in areas of the provinces of Ucayali, Upper Amazon and Maynas, ie close to Iquitos. “We have 38 000, which is much more than what is in the VRAE. What happens is that there is a fixation with the VRAE and a lack of understanding as well, from my point of view, because we believe that there is throwing money, “the official told regional RPP. Read Article

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