Peru: Colombian Thugs travelling through Ecuador Captured after Assault on Tourists

Posted on January 20, 2017 • Filed under: Crime, Ecuador, Ecuador Emergency, Peru

10 Colombians captured when tourists assaulted on beach in Huanchaco. (Surfing Mecca) (machine translated) Hit the underworld. They were caught by the police in Huanchaco resort in La Libertad Peru. They had entered on Wednesday 11 through Ecuador. They will be deported.

When they were surprised, they tried to flee, but the police gave them a fence and had no other way to surrender.

Then, on personal registration , they were found a pomegranate-like type of high destructive power, knives, a revolver, two pistols, grenades, ammunition, cocaine and marijuana.

They were denounced for the crime against property ( aggravated robbery and theft), illegal possession of weapons , ammunition and explosives, drug trafficking and violence and resistance to authority.


General Lorenzo Granados Ticona, director of the Third Macro Region La Libertad-Áncash told La República that these subjects entered Peruvian territory last Wednesday through Ecuador and that their destination was Lima.

“We are frightened by the entrance of foreign delinquents,” said the businessman Leonardo Jimenez, who has a home on Av. La Ribera , Huanchaco.

For the police authorities, the presence of Colombian criminals has become a new threat.

Many are dedicated to usury, that is, to lend money with high interests that charge through the modality of ‘drop by drop’ . Others would be forming alliances with the trujillana bands to extort entrepreneurs, as well as threatening and attacking the lives of people who are late in their payments.

These bands have been operating in Trujillo for more than five years. They present themselves as kind people, ready to get out of financial hardship to anyone, but once they make the loan and someone fails on the day of payment, they threaten them with their weapons and attack their homes or businesses. Read Article –

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