Pereira Colombia: 22 arrested supplying counterfeit and adulterated pharmaceuticals to drugstores

Posted on September 15, 2012 • Filed under: Colombia, Corruption, Latin America Health, Organized Crime

The National Police arrested 22 people in all the coffee that apparently were part of a network that supplied adulterated drugs to Humana EPS Living in Manizales, like to 17 drugstores in Pereira, Armenia and Northern Valle del Cauca . counterfeit, adulterated pharmaceuticals reported that this procedure was done through the company Hospi Medic, which was a front company. As stated by the director of the National Police, General Oscar Naranjo, is an organization led by Héctor Fabio Alzate Quiceno.
Through 15 raids across the coffee, especially in Caldas, 150 000 drugs were found in poor storage conditions, high cost, which are used to relieve pain in terminal illness and type commonly used analgesics.
It was learned that the Living Human EPS by press release noted that guarantees delivery of drugs through the network provider of health Manizales and Pereira, currently the IPS Child Foundation Cardiovascular Risaralda, so it is investigated if this site was supplied fake drugs unknowingly.

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