Origin or Lugo’s demise stem from eviction of farmers

Posted on June 25, 2012 • Filed under: Agriculture, Conflicts, Crime, Paraguay

The origin of the crisis that led to the ouster of former Paraguayan President Fernando Lugo and was the eviction of a farm. Earlier this month dozens of families pitched their tents on a farm near the town of Curuguaty, some 300 kilometers north of Asuncion. It was not ground either. Blas belongs to N. Riquelme, a businessman of 83 years linked to the Conservative Party Colorado and owner of one of the largest business groups in the country. When police arrived on June 15 he met with about 50 farmers belonging to Major League camp assistants. In still unexplained circumstances there was a shooting that killed six officers and 11 farmers . The opposition blamed the killing Lugo, accusing him of “tolerating and supporting” the camp assistants. The House of Representatives on Thursday asked a political trial and the day after the Senate convicted him and removed for “malfeasance in office.” But what really happened on the farm? Read Article

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