Nine Years Abroad in Ecuador Prison, Drug Trafficker from U.K. tells all

Posted on July 29, 2017 • Filed under: Crime, Drug Activity, Ecuador, Ecuador Emergency / Gangland executions, grenade and gun fights, riots and escapes – Pieter Tritton has seen it all and lived to tell the tale after nine years in prison in Ecuador.

Jailed for masterminding cocaine export from the South American country to the UK, he went from living the high life as a drug dealer to surviving day-to-day in a prison riven by gang power battles. He served nine years there, and another 10 months in the UK, before being released on August 25, 2015.


“In my opinion, it wasn’t worth it,” said Pieter of the crimes he committed. His mother died while he was incarcerated.

“The financial gain is not worth the risk and the damage to your family and friends.

“Nothing is worth a day in prison. Your freedom is your freedom and you cannot get that back.” Read Article


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