Nicaragua: Pandemic of Sexual Violence Against Women, the hidden drama in an oasis of peace

Posted on October 19, 2014 • Filed under: Crime, Latin America Womens Issues, Nicaragua, Social Issues reported…. Nicaragua is the safest Central American country. And official discourse is accompanied by low homicide numbers in comparison with the region, but the apparent oasis of peace of the isthmus hides a drama that places the country at the same level of violence than the rest: the sexual and physical violence against women. Women’s safety is not priority for the authorities, he said.

According to figures from the Organization in which she works, one of every three Nicaraguan women suffer or have suffered sexual violence.

For Norori, the main concern of the Government to the problem is not face the situation of violence and sexual abuse, but hide it in the way that is to not affect the image of a country where people live pretty under a touted model of police protection.

She criticizes, for example, that instead of improving the conditions of courts and personnel dealing with the application of the Act 779, the Government issued Executive Decree 42-2014, on July 31 in the Gazette, official journal, where not only normó the application of the law against violence against women, but it reduced the crime of femicide to the almost exclusive private sphere.

pandemic of sexual violence

According to the World Health Organization (who), a country that exceeds the threshold of 10 homicides per 100,000 population suffers from endemic violence, which is not the case for Nicaragua.

For independent researchers on issues of security, Roberto Orozco Betancourt, rape and sexual abuse are the most common crimes in Nicaragua, but the more invisible, and if I had to classify its impact as well as the killings, the violence would not be endemic, but pandemic.

Nicaragua is a country of many sexual violence that is no different from the rest of Central America in those aspects. Simply review the figures of crimes and official reports to find out that the country is being whipped by sexual violence, especially against women, he said.

According to their figures, while the average rate of rape in the country between 2004 and 2013 is thirty cases per 100,000 population.

If the who considers that ten cases of homicides per 100,000 population is endemic violence how would more than thirty annual violations per 100,000 population rate? This is a pandemic of sexual violence, criticized Orozco. Read Article

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