Mysterious Phone Calls Originating from Papua New Guinea targeting callers in Ecuador

Posted on July 21, 2017 • Filed under: Ecuador, Ecuador Emergency

Movistar and Claro warn users about strange calls of code +675
Attention: Calling from Papua New Guinea could be a scam translated)The voice of a woman who speaks in English asking for help and says to please return the call. That was the brief contact that kept Bella when she answered the cell phone of a friend who had told her that during the weekend received four international calls from an unknown number.

Bella commented that the stranger did not want to identify or say where she was calling, she tried to extend the conversation, but she only said that she asked for help from 911 in the city where she was.

The concern of users of cellular telephone is given before the alert that gave the Agency of Regulation and Control of the Telecommunications (Arcotel) by the telephone calls of international origin fraudulent that are receiving the citizens with the prefix 00675 of Papua New Guinea .


According to Arcotel, “these types of irregular international telephone calls are intended to cause the receiving user to return the call and thus generate the cost for the international telephone communication, the economic amount that is charged to your mobile phone worksheet or is deducted from the balance that Maintains in its telephone plan “.

The provincial prosecutor of Guayas, Patricia Morejón, said that at the moment there is not a single complainant and as long as there is no prejudice can not be investigated. Read Article

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