Montanita Ecuador: 13 robberies reported in hotels so far in 2015

Posted on May 2, 2015 • Filed under: Crime, Ecuador

Villagers and police strive to reduce theft in Montanita
Santa Elena reported about thirteen robberies in hotels so far this year and an average of fifteen thefts of vehicle accessories in recent weekends concern to the inhabitants and tourists Montañita commune in the province of Santa Elena.

The figures were confirmed by Colonel Bolivar Vinueza, head of the Judicial Police, who said last week the institution held a working meeting with hotel owners hill, and other spas as Olón and Manglaralto, in order to delineate strategies to halt the increase in robberies.

And the first results last night showed Monday during a police operation in Manglaralto. Three men were arrested because they allegedly robbed tourists and stolen vehicle accessories and valuables.

Robberies, according to the complaints of those affected were committed in Montanita. Vinueza said the process was exposed to the prosecutor and that one of those arrested, several criminal history records.

The suspects were traveling in a vehicle and evidence were found between the cell, the portfolio of one of the affected people and an earring.

The head of the Judicial Police stated that there would be other complaints that involve the three detainees and vehicle.

Given the problems representatives of the Provincial Prosecutor of the District Police Headquarters and Administration also met and agreed on some measures.

One is to prohibit guests of hotels and hostels entering people who have not been registered or are hosted on those sites.


According to Colonel Bolivar Vinueza, it was determined that certain tourists who arrive alone to different locations, make friends with them and access to sites hosting.

Other measures are that users register at the reception most valuable belongings and left in safes of hotels. Also, installing security cameras are called.

It has increased the number of police in Montanita because of the constant influx of tourists. Ivan Del Pezo, president of the commune, said he also strengthen community policing.

“It is difficult and almost impossible to have a safe place, especially in Montañita has grown a lot. Then, to give security coverage at all corners is somewhat complicated, you can not, “said Del Pezo.

However, the village president highlighted the work of community guards to intensify its work in days of holidays. “When they see someone who is stealing, he is caught and delivered to the police.” (I)

The weekend is when the largest number of accessories are reported vehicle thefts. We will increase patrols at night and early morning. ” Read Article

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