Missing Venezuelans in Barinas state

Posted on December 3, 2012 • Filed under: Crime, Human Rights Latin America, Politics, Venezuela

61 people missing in Barinas state are recorded in the reports issued by the Peace and Life Committee. Its director has been denouncing and holding responsible a specific pillar of the political and trade union sectors…Oscar Pineda’s office is not a comfortable place. Pineda is an old man, an elderly who perhaps should not be doing these things, risking his life, risking his family’s life. He worked for state-run power utility Cadafe for 32 years. He was initially hired as an in-house messenger, but he accomplished great success and at the end, he retired as a manager. During his labor days, one day, he decided to join the political opposition party Primero Justicia in Barinas state. As a party member, he unsuccessfully tried the political party to engage in matters concerning insecurity. Read Article

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