Miltary maintains offensive against FARC in Tolima, recovery of minors

Posted on October 26, 2012 • Filed under: Colombia, Conflicts, FARC, Police/Military Activity

During the military operation was captured the third leader of the gang and recovered Miller Salcedo four minors, according to
Chaparral. In the last hours in the department of Tolima, troops of Task Force Zeus National Army, reported the death of developing a terrorist military operations, the capture of two more and the recovery of four children who had been recruited by the FARC.
The military offensive in the first results of the La Esperanza Planadas where soldiers Ground Combat Battalion No. 69, achieved the apprehension of alias Carrillo, third leader of the gang Miller Salcedo and another terrorist.

Alias ​​Carrillo, who had 17 years within the FARC, was responsible for collecting extortion money from ranchers and farmers in southern Tolima, and recruiting minors for such illegal organization. Also participated in the planning and organization of terrorist activities in the jurisdiction of the municipalities of Rioblanco attacked and Planadas, areas over which exerted pressure on achieving financial and war material to the aforementioned crew.

Inside his criminal record, appears as militia chief, explosive expert, replacement squad, squad leader, guerrilla replacement, third leader of the gang Miller Salcedo, charged with collecting the vaccines, ranchers and farmers extortion of the villages of Bilbao , the Herrera and Puerto Saldaña Rioblanco municipality jurisdiction.

Moreover, Battalion Ground Combat N 66 deployed in the village in the municipality of El Brillante Ataco, fought against gang members Marquetalia Heroes, leaving death resulted in development of military operations or alias Mario Antonio, who had 14 years within said frame, serving as a political leader and organizer of the masses.

During the military operation was achieved recovered four children, ages 14 and 16 years old, according to initial reports had recently been recruited days.

Young people were turned over to the Colombian Family Welfare Institute. Read Article

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